Ongoing Events

10-Day Swap Screens for Self-Care Challenge
Swap Screens for Self-Care Challenge is just what we all need right now. This is a FREE 10-Day Challenge that encourages individuals to swap their screens for a self-care activity at least once a day. For example, instead of looking at your phone on the couch, why don't you take the time to open the book or magazine you've been wanting to read. Swap the Screen for Self-Care. You could win over $150 worth of self-care products and services. 
Ongoing. Starts when you sign up.
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Set It Down Saturday

While we are waiting for events to arise, make sure you take part in Set It Down Saturdays! Each Saturday, trying unplugging from your phone. It doesn't matter if it is for 20 minutes or 20 hours- just take some time to Set It Down. 

In Person Events

Due to COVID-19, we are pausing all in-person events until Summer 2023. 
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Past Events

Macrame Workshop at Art of Cozy- June 2021
10-Day Swap Your Screen for Self-Care Challenge


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