About the Movement

Set It Down was established to encourage individuals to get off of their screens and start gaining more meaningful experiences.

No more mindless scrolling on our phones. We need to start disconnecting so that we can reconnect with ourselves and our relationships. Let's reignite the sparks that we once had before all of the addiction to our devices!

Set It Down, LLC is a remote company with its headquarters currently in South West, Colorado. It currently focusing on ways for setting down the screen. We have future plans to expand and have this movement around the world. 

Our movement is:

Motivative- We constantly motivate others to set down their screens and be proactive in other areas of life. 

Mindful- We are mindful about proper screen usage and setting limits. We are also mindful about being an all inclusive company for BIPOC, LGBTQ and people with disabilities. Set It Down is committed to building an equitable business and being part of the solution.

Creative- We encourage you to explore the old, new and fun hobbies and activities that have been ignored since we started using our screens. We guarantee that there are many creative outlets for each individual to explore. 

Who's behind Set It Down?

Our team is made up of adventurous and motivated individuals who are looking to make the world get on their feet again.

Our Founder, Allie Cunningham, started this company while living near Telluride, Colorado. There, she realized that technology and screens were taking over her life. Although she adventures often with her two pups, she realized that the majority of Americans do not take the time to get away from their screens.

Allie Cunningham Hiking in SouthWest Colorado

She decided to start the Set It Down movement in 2019 and motivates individuals to get out, reconnect away from technology and start actively lessening their screen time.

Allie has experience in the entrepreneurial and small business world from successfully owning and running two wholesale businesses before this. She has an ambitious, creative and an adventurous mind that helps push the movement for Set It Down.

Join our movement!

We are constantly looking for creative individuals and companies to join our movement. Feel free to inquire about online positions by shooting us an email!


Let’s build something together.