About the Movement

Hey There!

Welcome to the Set It Down Movement! 

Set It Down was established in 2019 to encourage individuals to get off of their screens and start gaining more meaningful experiences.

Remember when we used to wake up and take care of ourselves first thing in the morning instead of grabbing our phones and laying in bed scrolling, scrolling, scrolling? Remember when we used to walk the dogs and observe nature at its finest before we started walking with our phones and looking down? Remember when we would see a beautiful sunset and actually watch it in its entirety rather than missing it due to trying to 'snap the best sunset photo to share to social media'?

Remember when we used to soak up the experiences and the special moments before our overwhelming need for our smart devices? 

We are here to help you bring it all back. No more remember whens. 

No more mindless scrolling on our phones. We need to start disconnecting from our screens so that we can reconnect with ourselves and our relationships. Let's reignite the sparks that we once had before all of the addiction to our devices!

Set It Down Values- Create, Motivate, Mindful. Set It Down and get motivated!


Who's behind Set It Down?

Our Founder, Allie Cunningham, started this company while living near Telluride, Colorado. There, she realized that technology and screens were taking over her life. She would come home from work after already being on screens all day and then sit on her couch and scroll. She wasn't talking to her partner, she wasn't taking care of herself and she wasn't motivated like she used to be. Although she adventures often with her two pups, she realized that the majority of Americans do not take the time to get away from their screens. She wanted to help change this. 

Allie Cunningham Hiking in SouthWest Colorado

She decided to start the Set It Down movement in 2019. She motivates individuals to get out, reconnect away from technology and start actively lessening their screen time.

Join our movement!

We are constantly looking for creative individuals and companies to join our movement. 


Let’s build something together.

Set It Down, LLC is a remote company with its headquarters currently in South West, Colorado. It currently focusing on ways for setting down the screen. We have future plans to expand and have this movement around the world.