Why Gardening Can Become Your New Unwind Activity This Spring


Gardening - Set it Down


In case you haven’t noticed yet, spring is here! It’s time to get those gardening tools in motion and head to the stores. Don't waste this beautiful weather by spending all your time inside looking at a screen. Your garden is calling for you!

It's a new season with new activities you can use to help you get away from your phone, and if you love outdoor activities, what better time than spring to leave your phone behind and head outside?




Today, we have a new activity that can become your new obsession this spring: Gardening!

Yes, I said gardening.

But I'm not talking about mowing the lawn or spending hard hours of work  on the field. I'm talking about the cute part of gardening. The one involving beautiful flowers or watering plants. Maybe a new birdhouse for your garden. Something small and fun that will help you feel relaxed outside of four walls.

Still not convinced? Let me tell you some fun facts about gardening that might change your mind.


Benefits of gardening


Gardening has many benefits that can help you feel relaxed and keep your anxiety levels to a minimum. And to give you an idea of what I’m talking about, read these three reasons to start using gardening as your detox activity:

  • Gardening reduces stress.
  • Gardening builds strength and promotes better sleep.
  • Gardening can help your body fight disease.

And that is just the beginning.

Adopt a new hobby

Your first reason to make gardening your new unwind activity can always be adopting a new hobby.

Whether you want to reduce the stress of your everyday routine or you are simply searching for new outdoor activities, why not join the movement and start a new hobby that is good for your physical and mental health? Your body will thank you for it!

It boosts your self-esteem

Gardening can give you a sense of agency and empowerment not many activities can accomplish. There is a good feeling in learning how to grow plants on your own and claiming your own space on earth.

If you don’t believe me, check the facts. Many eco-studies prove that gardening has been historically used as “a way to resist injustice and claim space in a world that doesn’t always respond to your needs.”

So, what are you waiting for? Gardening can become the motivator you need to put your phone down and finally put those ideas in your head into motion.

Gardening as motivation


But if you are looking to boost your self-esteem without any commitments, gardening is a great way to drop anxiety levels and even treat depression symptoms.

You don't really need poetic motivation to make your garden look pretty.

It’s a great family activity

Your time to unwind during this spring and moving forward doesn’t have to be a “solo” time. Gardening is a great family activity if you have kids and can’t afford time on your own.

Some people find it easier to put their phones down during their free times when they are accompanied by loved ones. And if you are planning to include gardening in that free time, make it a group activity!


Gardening as family activity


Gardening reduces stress, but not only that. Being outside surrounded by nature and exposed to sunlight can help you boost your Vitamin D, and for kids, early exposure can help them reduce the risk of allergies and autoimmune diseases.

We are sure the kids will also love to spend some quality family time outside!

Gardening can also be an excuse to relax and spend time remembering simpler times. It's up to you. There are many more reasons to start using gardening as your unwinding mechanism.

Did you know it's also good for your heart? Gardening is an amazing cardiovascular activity.

We could talk all day about all the benefits you can find in gardening, but we trust you will discover all of them while on the job. Time to pick up your gardening tools and put your phone down.

This is the sign you needed to unplug and unwind on the outside!

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