Conversation Starters: What's The Most Beautiful Place Near Home?

What's the most beautiful place near home?

Whether it be a chapel or an open field, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Share your spot with your friend, spouse, or random stranger. But be careful! If it is a "secret" spot, you may want to go with your second favorite spot so you don't spoil it for yourself! :)

Answer(s) from Allie:

I have many answers to this. My "home" has been unstable for the past decade as I went to college, worked different jobs, and love to be nomadic. So, I'll share my most beautiful places from every "home" I have experienced.

My grandmother's house.

It was located on a small point on the Atlantic Ocean. Only my closest friends have seen this spot. If I ever had a bad day, I would drive there to smell the ocean, feel the salty breeze, watch the waves break along the beach.

Her house made the area even more beautiful. It was an old cape house with ivy on all its sides, and huge rhododendrons were surrounding the entire property.
It was recently demolished after our family had to sell the property from my grandmother's passing. I went back this past winter and I cried as the house was no longer there. In its place, however, was just a bare "park".

It was almost as magnificent as the house...

I mean not really.

But it was better than a new enormous, unoccupied house. It was a peaceful open grass spot. Looking over the beach and the ocean. The most beautiful place I know.

most beautiful place near home

Somewhere in Wyoming

This is where I spent most of my summers growing up. It was such a magical place that I still remember this one spot very clearly.

When I was 12, I went on a backpacking trip in one of the lesser-known wildernesses. I remember walking over a hill and came across this unbelievable pasture full of wildflowers and an abandoned homestead. It was definitely the most beautiful place near home, or what "home" meant while I was there. I've never been back but I sure would love to.

My family sailboat

I was lucky enough to be born into a family full of sailors.

In summer, my parents would spend their holidays on the boat going north to Maine, Nova Scotia, and Labrador.

They loved that boat so much, that they now reside on the very same boat in the Bahamas. Poor them, right?!

One of the best places I've been while traveling on the boat was Lunenberg, Nova Scotia. There, there were countless small colorful houses and mossy forests. You can probably guess why I loved that place.

Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado

When I was in college, the most beautiful place near home was Chautauqua Park.

It is well known to all the tourists and locals and can be sometimes very busy. However, if you catch it at the right time of year, on the lesser-known trails, you can have the whole area to yourself.

I would make sure to take a different route every time I walked from campus. I could see the beautiful old growth trees and some spectacular houses.

Usumbura Mountains, Tanzania

I had the most magical time when I was studying abroad. I was on a wonderful program and I had the chance to live in a very cool place.

My favorite spot was in the Usumbura Mountains. To get there, I had to go on an amazing hike, which I hope I'll get the chance to go again!


And finally, Telluride. If you are a summer geek like me, you'd love to explore the high basins in the summer. I love flowers and the feeling of sunshine hitting my shoulders.

If you want to see some spectacular sights, you'll have to hike above waterfalls. There, you'll to find the meadows and the colorful wildflowers.

If you're not really into hikes... Walk on the alleys of Telluride, you will see some pretty cool houses!

Wow, those were a lot of places! Thinking about my favorite places awakened some of my dearest memories too.

Now it's on you!

What is the most beautiful place near home? Share it with us in the comments below!

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