Setting It Down During The Quarantine

Setting It Down During The Quarantine

People are setting it down during the quarantine. This article has some ways for you to do it as well!

     I’m going, to be honest, when COVID-19 started to disrupt our daily lives I thought that Set It Down was done. A movement that is trying to convince people to set down their screens so that they can start gaining more meaningful experiences was not of interest to anyone. I myself was looking at my phone more than ever just to stay up to date with all the latest news about the pandemic in the world and locally. We needed our screens to help stay informed.

   Fast forward a week and my mindset about the Set It Down movement started to change. I began to realize that this may be one of the most important times for the movement and for individuals to realize their addiction to screens. It is obvious that screens have shown their value when it comes to staying connected via Facetime, Zoom, Hangout, and all those great apps. This quarantine, however, has added a lot more screen time to our routine.


The Quarantine Routine:

   The Quarantine Routine: Wake up, scroll through phone, virtual workout on workout app, virtual hangout with friends, work on screen, Zoom call for work, check news notifications, start playing around with new apps, binge watch new Netflix show, scroll on IG and share quarantine related meme, scroll some more before bed. Maybe add an hour of cleaning or an hour of a new hobby in the mix.

All the screens are out during the quarantine.

I got sucked into that quarantine routine for an entire day before I had to put my phone on airplane mode and go on a stroll and clear my mind. It was information and screen time overload. When I got back into my house, my boyfriend and I both cringed when we realized we should turn our phones back on- it was the responsible thing to do on day two of quarantine (or so we thought). We didn’t want to get sucked back into the hole. I know that many of you started feeling exhausted from excessive screen time as well. I asked the Set It Down community how they are setting it down during the quarantine.


Ways people are setting it down during the quarantine:

Deleted Facebook App --- Bye-bye social media.

Anytime I go on a Walk or Run, I leave my phone. -- Hello Fresh Air!

No Screens While Eating --- Good Food, Good Mood.

Leave my phone on the charger in my room --- No more distractions from my phone!

Gratitude Journal --- I am thankful for...

Read Books and created a virtual book club! -- onto Novel #5

Wood Working with Do Not Disturb -- I can focus on saving my fingers from the saw!

No phones allowed in Bedroom -- more intimate moments!

Started playing card games at night instead of a movie -- My brain is getting smarter!!

I made a garden and tend to it daily without my phone. -- Watch me grow!

Started Knitting -- New hobby, woohoo!

Watercolor with my phone on airplane mode -- Getting my creative side working.

Do Not Disturb while cleaning the house -- Gotta get it squeeky clean!!

Person Laying On Sofa While Reading Book
Reading during the Quarantine

How AMAZING is that!?!?

They took control of their excessive screen time. They didn’t want information overload or foggy eyes from too much blue light. They took control and they felt so much better. New hobbies were made, books were read and more things were created! In a way, the quarantine made them realize their excess screen use and allowed them to start making changes.

Screens are the New Cigarettes

One person gave the feedback that “It is very hard” about putting away her screens. It is an incredibly hard thing to do. We are seeing many new articles saying that screens are the new cigarettes. We are addicted and it is incredibly hard to break free from since they are almost everywhere. Even if we try not to use our phone, it is inevitable that each of us has had second- hand screen use- the phenomenon where one person pulls out their phone, so you then do the same. So, we feel you. It is very, very hard to put down your screen. Start by slowly adding screen-free time into your daily routine. Eventually, it will get easier because you will want to set it down.

Have you been able to set down your phone during the quarantine? We want to hear from you! We want to hear about all the ways you are setting down your phone while you are sheltering in place.

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