Set It Down Spotlight: Emily from England

Set It Down Spotlight: Emily From England

Meet Emily B. She is a 20 year-old, self-care enthusiast who is studying English and History of Art at University in England. Her mantra- Look after number one. How does she do that? By doing one self-care activity every day. We think that is one awesome and super important mantra to have.
   Emily's favorite hobbies include reading and socializing with friends. While socializing hasn't been do-able lately, she has really stepped up her self-care game. She's been getting crafty in the kitchen, playing old records, and finding some beautiful flowers in the garden. Ever heard of "deadheading your flowers"? Well, Emily did that the other day and said it felt super calming... maybe we should all go give our gardens attention and deadhead those old blooms. 

Emily B enjoying a nice nature walk with beautiful blooms

   We asked Emily about her biggest struggles with it comes to screens and her phone. Here's what she said:  Oh where to begin? I'm always unlocking my phone to then lock it again without clicking on anything. I also often get my phone out and just hold it, just to have it near. I suppose it's a comfort thing to hold my phone but it just makes it so much easier to check too regularly and get sucked into it. I've also made a really bad habit of taking it EVERYWHERE with me. I don't just mean taking it to the shops, I mean I will carry my phone with me to the kitchen even if I'm only going to grab a drink and come back. Like why do I do that?? Can I really not spend a minute without it in my hand?!
   We love her honesty and how many of us can relate to those struggles with our phones. She nailed it- it's totally a comfort thing to hold our phones and bring it everywhere. We asked Emily a bit more questions in our interview. Keep reading for more spotlight.

Emily B Taking the Time to Read Without Her Screen
Favorite Hobby When You Were A Kid? - Playing spies with my brother. We'd go around the house and collect things we could use as a secret gadgets. Think camera tripod, garlic crushed and crocodile clip!

What Makes Your The Happiest and Best Self? Looking after #1. I make sure to do one self-care activity a day. Sometimes big endorphin-releasing runs or sometimes making sure I am being present and in the moment. 

You Recently Did a Screen Time Detox, Why? I'd seen it was good for your mental health- but the real kicker was when I recently watched a video*. It explains how easy it is to get dopamine from your phone because it's a little exertion and high reward, compared to something like reading where it takes longer to get the reward. Naturally, your brain encourages you to go for the easy route. This video also explained that spending time without your phone almost resets your brain. The result- you're more productive in hobbies you enjoy, even if it takes longer to get the reward. 

Is There Anything From Your Social Media Detox That You Want to Keep Adding Into Your Routine? I noticed how regularly I check my phone. I went to grab it so many times before realizing it was elsewhere. Now- I'm trying not to pick up my phone unless I have a reason to use it. I was surprised how LITTLE I actually NEED my phone. 

What Were the "Rewards" of Setting It Down? I was SO productive. Before, I was struggling to motivate myself to do things that I actually love to do. During the detox, I found them easy to do. I spent the day hiking, taking in the views without checking my messages, and taking photos. I really experienced the hike more. I then spent the evening reading 1984 by George Orwell. Pre-detox, I wasn't enjoying it much and it was taking me ages to get through. I'd check my phone every two lines and then try to find my place again. During the detox, I read a good chunk of the book and enjoyed the story a lot more because I was focusing on it. It was eye-opening
Will Screen Time Detoxes Be A Normal Thing? Absolutely. Every couple weeks or so. I think it will be especially useful if I've got a lot on and need to really focus one day. 

Best Advice for Someone Who Wants to Try to Set It Down: Absolutely Do it. And if you're planning it but 'haven't got round to it', that's an awful excuse because there will never be a good time and you'll never do it. I honestly didn't realize a lot about my relationship with my phone until I turned it off. It's worth doing to learn more about yourself and how you can improve your lifestyle. 

Where Can We Get Motivation and Self-Care Tips From You? Check out my Instagram account, @ems_selfcare. I'm working on my mental well-being by doing things I enjoy and hopefully inspiring and influencing others to prioritize their mental well-being. 

Emily B on a Hike Near her Home in England
Check Out Emily at @ems_selfcare on Instagram. She's motivating others to prioritize their well-being and mental health!
Thanks for Setting It Down, Emily! We are super thrilled that you put yourself first on a daily basis. You go, girl!
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