Let's Get Motivated!

Let's Get Motivated! Join the Set It Down movement!

Isn't It Ironic?

Isn’t it ironic that this Set It Down movement is created to get people off of their screens yet we are marketing through that very online portal? Well, honestly, no. Where else are we going to get your attention? Yes you. The person looking at the screen. You are who we are looking for.

    Those that need to be marketed to most are the ones that are on their screens often. If we are able to get to the dead center, in front of you on your screen, maybe that will make a difference. We hope that we are able to inspire you to put away your work email when you walk in the front door. We hope that you pick up a book instead of mindlessly scrolling through all those apps on your phone.

Are there solutions to Our Addictions?

    The Set It Down movement was started to help bring more meaningful experiences back to peoples’ lives away from the screens. It isn’t a movement to completely shut out the advances of technology. We all need technology in some form for work, commuting to work, for personal life and more. But our life now consists of us being online more than ever before. Currently, in today’s society, some may say that we depend on technology a bit too much. Most would agree that they are addicted to their screens. They would also say that they don’t know how to put down screens. Are there any solutions to our addiction and to our technological imbalance that we have put upon ourselves? The short answer is yes.

Yes, we can!

     Yes, we can all put down our technology. Yes, we can limit our screen time. Yes, we can end our addiction to screens. How? Well, we have to be intentional and motivated to set down our screens. It takes practice but you can do it. Think about it… 10 years ago we weren’t nearly as addicted to our screens as we are in the present day. You can beat the screen addiction. Let's Get Motivated! Join the Set It Down Movement!

Here to Help

   Set It Down is here to help motivate and encourage you to intentionally set down your screen so that you can start having more meaningful experiences in your life. It is here to help you find alternatives to using your screen when you have downtime. Throughout time you will feel equipped to have great conversations again, play fun interactional games, read more books, increase your productivity, become more creative and so much more. You will find yourself bringing old and new hobbies back into your life, having more meaningful relationships, and feeling motivated to get off your butt and onto your feet. Let's Get Motivated! Join the Set It Down Movement!

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Thank you for joining the movement. We know you are going to rock it! Check out some of our conversation starters! Or, check out some of our downloadable prints!


The Set It Down Team

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