Conversation Starters: If You Had an Extra Hour Each Day, What Would You Do?

If You Had an Extra Hour Each Day, What Would You Do?

This week's conversation starter is about time.

If you had an extra hour each day, what would you do?

Wow. A whole extra hour every day! That’s not possible… or is it?

Yes, it is very much possible

If you add up all the time that you are checking email, opening social media apps, and texting each day- chances are you spend more time on your phone than you think.

Many of our devices are actually tracking our time on the phone. It isn’t only tracking our time but it is also categorizing how we spend our time. 2 hours social media, 33 minutes email, 40 minutes games, and more.

How can you gain an extra hour each day?

If you want to gain an extra hour each day, then checking your screen time and usage on your phone can be a good way to start pinpointing the area that is taking up most of your attention.

Then, start setting limits for each category. Decrease your social media from 2 hours to 1 hour. Or delete a specific app that you don’t necessarily need.

Try it out for a week and you will realize how much time you are able to spare so that you can do other things!

If you had an extra hour each day, what would you do?

That's a whole lot of free time! You could fly kites, plant a garden, or go on a nice walk around the neighborhood. What about get really into baking bread and start giving the bread to your friends. Who knows, maybe one day that small passion of baking bread will turn itself into an actual bakery business that is super successful! (That happened to my boyfriend).

What if you could gain an extra hour each day?

You may have so much free time that you look at it as boredom.

Please, don't!

If you look at it with the mindset that it is another hour of being bored, then you just haven’t found that something that really motivates you.

Think about what you did as a child. What were your favorite hobbies? In your pre-screen years, what would you do? Would you build Legos, create scrapbooks, or play soccer with your friends? I bet you can find something that will motivate you.



Well, what about me?

Since being more aware of my screen usage, I have created an extra hour or two daily.  Check out how I did that on this post. As of right now, I use my extra hour for working out, reading, or working on the Set It Down movement. If I feel over-worked then I’ll sit down and get into my book.

I will use my extra hour to work out if I am feeling overly anxious. When I am in the mood to be crazy productive, I’ll work on the movement. I guarantee that in the summer my extra hour will be focused more on outdoor adventures or gardening.

So what about you? If you had an extra hour each day, what would you do? I’d love to hear! Please comment below. Make sure you share this post with your friends and family.



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