Conversation Starters: Do You Remember The Beginning of the Last Decade?

What were you doing on the beginning of the last decade?

When we set new year resolutions, we are always looking forward. We want to make the new year the best it can possibly be, and this is awesome.

However, going forward is only possible if we remember how far we've come and if we acknowledge the importance of our own story.

What were you doing on January 1st of 2010?

It is so fun, and a bit scary, thinking about what we have been through in the beginning of the last decade.

Were you cuddling with your 7-year-old daughter who is now applying for colleges? Were you the teenager who had big career dreams and are now pursuing them? Were you partying in NYC and now you have a family of three?

Can you remember the beginning of the past decade?

Soo... What are conversation starters?

Each week, we will challenge you with some thoughtful questions you can ask your friends, family, lover, or even yourself!

Our goal is to enable you to engage in powerful and deep conversation as much as possible and, if you truthfully answer those questions, we are sure you’ll learn something new!

Conversation starters are meant to be icebreaker questions and can be used on any kind of occasion, such as catching up with old friends or even on a romantic date.

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