Conversation Starter: What Is Your Perfect Weekend?

Conversation Starter: What Is Your Perfect Weekend? Conversation starter question for the week of February 10th, 2020.

    What is your perfect weekend? With all the work that we do in our week we need to make sure that we appreciate our weekends. Some of us love going to the malls on the weekends while others love to travel. Share with us your perfect weekend!

What is your perfect weekend, Allie?

Unplug the Screens

    My perfect weekend… so many things I love doing so this one is hard. To start, I have found that my favorite weekends are the ones out of cell phone range. So, first thing is first, I put my phone on airplane mode as soon as I am done with work. Uplugging from screens can feel so great and be so beneficial. The other necessity to a great weekend means that I have my partner Ben and my two dogs Teeko and Murphy with me.

Good Food

Next part of the recipe for a great weekend: I love when I eat a great feast on Friday night. Ideally a locally raised steak with some unbelievable sauce, steak fries and natural red wine. After a nice dinner conversation, I love taking time for board games, puzzles, or a romantic-comedy movie.

Adventure & Camping

Saturday would consist of a lazy morning without an alarm. Eggs Benedict with poached eggs and lemony hollandaise sauce is the breakfast I crave. Once I am full I usually get ready to head out for a weekend adventure! I like the warm months more than the cold, so ideally we would drive to an area that has great mountain biking, hiking, and fly fishing. Around Telluride, Colorado, we are fortunate enough to have a lot of access to these activities. If we can get two out of the three activities done on Saturday then that makes for a great day! Saturday night also means we are camping! We will pull out our camping chairs, our camping stove and some backcountry Annie's Mac and Cheese. Typically, we are exhausted as soon as the sun sets so we don't normally start a campfire. If we can, we will sleep in the bed of our truck but we don't mind cramming into the two man tent with the four of us if we are backpacking into the site.

More Time Outdoors

Sunday, we wake up to the sound of the birds as our alarm clock. We will enjoy cowboy coffee and cinnamon raison bagels with cream cheese. We will begin our adventurous day by heading out on an early morning bike ride on a close by trail.

Once we are done with that, then we will hike a little to a pristine fly fishing spot. Fingers crossed that it is a great dry fly fishing day! I love being on the river all day.

It really is so therapeutic for one's mindset to stand in the river and enjoy the sounds and feels of mother nature. No work is on my mind thanks to unplugging from my screens and allowing myself to enjoy the outdoors. Once we feel happy and exhausted then we will begin to head home feeling refreshed and in high spirits.

Allie, Ben, Teeko and Murphy on a summer hike outside of Telluride, Colorado.

What is your perfect weekend?

What about you? What is your perfect weekend? Is it going on a 20 mile run or is it going to the movies to watch the hottest new movie. We all have different interest so this is a fun conversation to start with others around you! If you are around the Telluride, Colorado area then you should check out: . They are the best resources for finding things to do around the local area.

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Let's make sure we keep out conversational skills intact as the screens have taken over many of our lives!

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