5 Tips for a Better Sleep

5 Tips For A Better Sleep

We encourage individuals to set down their screens. One of the reasons is to encourage a better night's rest. Here are 5 tips for a better sleep.


Tip #1- Alarm Clocks.

Instead of using your phone as your alarm clock, try using the old-fashioned analog alarm clocks. We have also been loving sunrise alarm clocks. These alarm clocks stimulate the sun rising in the morning which allows a more peaceful transition from sleep to being awake. It takes about 30 minutes to reach their peak before the noise of the alarm goes off. Promise us, it's a lovely way to wake up instead of a quick burst of loud sounds from a random phone alarm! We suggest checking out the Hatch Sunrise Alarm Clock or the Philips Sleep & Wake Up Light


Tip #2- No phones in bed the bedroom.

    Once you get our analog alarm clock, there is no need for any devices in the bedroom. Experts suggest that individuals should avoid screens at least 1 hour before bed. The blue light from our screens suppresses the melatonin needed for a healthy circadian rhythm and a good night's rest. Replace your phone in your bedroom with a book or a journal. 


Tip #3- Routines are key for a great sleep.

Of course, getting to bed at the same time every night is key. If you are unable to have a normal bed time, then start adding in a nightly routine before trying to close your eyes. Maybe 10 minutes of nightly meditation or stretches, a shower, and then hopping in bed with a book. 


Tip #4- Temperatures can either make or break your sleep.

Have you ever woken up with no covers on you in the morning? Well maybe the thermostat is a little too high. It is suggested that the bedroom is around 65 degrees at night for a comfortable and good night sleep. 


Tip #5- Daily Sun Exposure

Daily Sun exposure is absolutely necessary for your health and your sleep. Go out side for a walk (preferably without your phones) or go sit in the park and read a book. Exposing yourself to bright light during the daytime hours will boost your ability to fall asleep at night. 

Tips for a Better Sleep

Have additional thoughts on this? Feel free to reach out! We would love to hear your advice. 

Set It Down and Sleep!


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