10 Resolutions for Tech Addicts in 2020

Do you feel like technology is now part of your everyday life and you couldn't live without? Then, our 10 resolutions for tech addicts might be the perfect read for you.

Technology is not bad.

It is extremely useful and makes our lives easier in the blink of an eye.

However, being chained to our screens and not being able to access life as we once did, it is very bad.

But before you start your month-long digital detox and throw all your screens out the window... Let's fix this! Living with technology is possible and, simply by following these 10 resolutions for tech addicts (aka YOU!), you'll develop a better relationship with your screens.

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1) Start journaling on paper

Penmanship, creativity, organization, stress, goals, and improving your memory are all benefitted when you journal.

Here are our best recommendations:


  • If you need multiple journals and notebooks for your crazy mind; check out the options at Wit and Delight


  • If you want to be journaling for productivity and more business activities then try the SELF Journal!

2) Take More Walks.

Breathe the fresh air. Listen to the birds.

3) Schedule time away from your phone

On an iPhone, you can do this under “Screen Time” and set limits as well as downtime. If you don’t want to set limits on your phone since you need to access it at all times of the day, then make rules. Whenever you go for a walk around the block make sure the phone stays on the charger.

4) Use an Alarm Clock.

Not the one on your phone, but an actual alarm clock. Let's get old school!

One way to really reduce the amount of screen time one has is in the bedroom is by leaving your phone in another room for the night. It will also benefit your sleep!

In 2019, a study by some famous researchers found that if an adolescent uses a phone or watches tv in the dark within 1 hour of bed, they were 147 percent more likely to get less sleep than those that do not use a screen. You can read more about this study here!

Need a new alarm clock?

Try out a natural sunrise alarm clock. You feel more refreshed every time you wake up. This Philip's one is the best one out there. Check it out by clicking here!


5) Go to a group workout class

This way you can get the sweat you need, socialize with others, and start getting your mindset ready for the day!

Working out is huge, but more and more screens are getting added to our workout equipment. If you are a competitive person or need more of a push, group workouts will definitely make you work harder and sweat more!

6) Turn off notifications on your screens

Silencing your notifications may help keep your focus on the task at hand. How many times have you been working on your computer and a distracting notification pops up for email, messages, or another app?

More times than you think.  


7) Get addicted to an old or new hobby.

Did you use to knit? Or did you used to make birdhouses? Start tapping into what interests you.

You may fall in love with it and turn it into your career. Don't take it from us! Check out this article by The Richest on 24 Hobbies that turned into Million-Dollar Businesses!

10 resolutions for tech addicts

8) Screen Time Self Control.

If you can have self-control for your diet, working out, or your monthly budget… start considering having self control for the amount of screen time you have.

Need a push? Start with our 50 conversation starters, our biggest collection so far. You can grab your copy below!

9) Get a Library Card… and use it!

According to Pew Research Center, in 2015 the average person was reading 4 books per year.

Isn't this way below what we used to read?

You can check out their article by clicking this link!

10) Go on airplane mode once a week

If you make the switch to airplane mode, even if it is just for half a day, your phantom phone beeps might just go away.

This is one of the best ways to unplug from your cellular device. And when you reactivate it, you may feel famous because of the number of notifications you have!

10 resolutions for tech addicts are never enough... We want to hear your suggestions! How are you reducing your screen time this year? What are your main struggles?

Let us know in the comment below, so we can help you out!



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